nl Behangkunstenaars Jaap Snijder en Marcelo Gimenes van Snijder&CO zijn gespecialiseerd in handgeschilderd behang en ontwerpen kleurrijke voorstellingen. Hun iconische behangsels zijn volledig met de hand vervaardigd zodat de ambachtelijke technieken in ere worden gehouden. Net als de grote Nederlandse behangselschilders zoals Aert Schouman en Jurriaan Andriessen schilderen met veel geduld bloemen, planten en vogels.
Inspiratie halen zij overwegend uit de Europese natuur. In tegenstelling tot Chinoiserie, is het handgeschilderde behang van Snijder&CO een contemporaine versie van deze historische voorganger.  Vandaar dat zij hun tuinen van papier met een knipoog ook wel Dutchoiserie noemen. Zij werken uitsluitend met lokale pigmentverf en hoogwaardig vliesbehang waardoor er een volledig Nederlands kwaliteitsproduct ontstaat.  
In samenwerking met designers en fotografen wordt het behang ook toegepast voor verlichting, meubels, fotografie en kunst. Informatie: of bel met 06 - 414 91 226. Een aantal producten zijn ook te vinden in onze webshop

Wallpaper artists Marcelo Gimenes and Jaap Snijder specialize in hand-painted wallpaper. Their iconic wallpapers are a perfect example of the magic that happens when the art- and interior world collid Each wallpaper is completely handmade and is inspired by nature. With endless passion they paint flowers, plants and birds. Leaf by leaf creating beautiful gardens on paper. Unlike Chinoiserie, their hand-painted wallpaper is a contemporary version of this historic predecessor. A new style they like to call "Dutchoiserie". Their creations have no limits; the only requirement is that their designs should tell a message. In collaboration with designers and photographers, the wallpaper is also used for lighting, furniture, photography and art. For general and sales information, call +31 (0) 6 414 91 226 or send an email to

br Snijder&CO é um coletivo fundado em 2010 pelos laureados artistas plásticos Jaap Snijder e Marcelo Gimenes. Snijder&CO cria, desenvolve e realiza produtos de decoração contemporâneos baseados em técnicas tradicionais e artesanais. Snijder&CO é especializado em estampas exclusivas para papel de parede e tecidos, objetos artesanais e em artes aplicadas. Uma seleção de nossos produtos esta disponível em nossa loja virtua

tjitske en bregje (c)2014 Snijder&CO

jaap marcelo2 jaap marcelo3
photography by Tjitske van Leeuwen - styling by Bregje Nix

Hand-painted wallpaper, a Dutch Heritage
The Dutch Golden Age is famous for its painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens. But little is known about hand-painted wallpapers from that period. Painting landscapes on paper was a typical Dutch craft. Between the 17th and the 18th century hundreds of walls must have been covered with hand-painted wallpapers as a sign of luxury and wealth.

In the 17th century hand-painted wallpaper was a less expensive replacement for Tapestries
(Gobelins). Another advantage was that clients could order customized wall coverings and choose size, style and subject of the sceneries.

Mass production
During the early 18th century hand-painted wallpapers were made accessible for all. The Dutch had a dozen workplaces and factories producing hand-painted wallpaper on a massive scale. In the early 19th century the hand-painted wallpaper became less popular and factories had to close. This was mostly due to a diminished Dutch economy and the foreign industrial revolution, which introduced printed wallpaper.

By the 20
th century large town houses and estates where converted into offices, hospitals or schools. The (detachable) hand-painted wallpapers where considered impractical and were mostly sold to foreign buyers as works of art. The consequence is that only a few survived in the Netherlands.
Gardens on Paper
About two hundred years later, wallpaper artists Marcelo Gimenes and Jaap Snijder from Snijder&CO picked up this forgotten craft. “After exploring remaining wallpaper samples in museums we decided to work only with modern materials. We did not want to copy the old samples but build upon a Dutch tradition of custom designed wallpaper sceneries”. Each design is completely handmade and is inspired by nature. With endless passion they paint flowers, plants and birds. Leaf by leaf creating beautiful gardens on paper. 

New techniques
They do not work with oil paint or the stencil technique of Chinese wallpaper (Chinoiserie). “We use just ordinary wall paint, this requires a different way of working but it creates a great atmosphere with its bright colours and matte appearance”.
By working together on one design they mix their styles into something new never losing track of its decorative purpose. The wallpaper should always fit in the room for which it was intended. So they make, just like the Dutch wallpaper painter Jurriaan Andriessen (1742-1819), previously detailed sketches and sometimes a scale model for the customer to provide a good understanding of the product.

“It requires a lot of dedication to paint commissioned wallpaper entirely by hand. It is a very labour-intensive craft”. The hand-painted wallpaper of Snijder&CO is a contemporary version of the Dutch historical predecessor a new style they like to call "Dutchoiserie".