Mar 2014

Spring, time for our 'Les Fourmis' collection

An itsy scoop…The artist duo Snijder&CO starts this spring with a new interior collection "Les Fourmis". This new collection is inspired by the exciting and socially critical trilogy by Bernard Werber about the lives of humans and ants.

An endless stream of ants occupying your interior! The collection consists of wallpaper, textiles, ceramics, hand-painted wall plates and special tea towels. These tea towels are recycled (Brasilian) cane pockets with embroidered ants. Like the wall plates and the fabric they are all unique and hand-crafted and therefore the availability is limited, so be quick!

Les Fourmis collection Snijder-CO_0011_DSC_0615.JPGLes Fourmis collection Snijder-CO_0002_DSC_0584.JPG

Great publication by Bloemenbureau Holland (the Dutch Flower Counsil)

Bloemenbureau Holland

A Snijder&CO Presentation by our Brazilian agent MBM Escretórios de Ideias

youtube MBM presenting Snijder&CO
klik the picture to watch the video presentation